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ISSN : 1598-1142(Print)
ISSN : 2383-9066(Online)
Journal of architectural history Vol.33 No.1 pp.19-31

A Study on Urban form of Jinhae Radial-Grid Planning

Shin, Gunsoo*
경남대학교 건축학부 교수
* Corresponding Author :


Jinhae is the oldest Western-style radial and grid city on the Korean Peninsula, and it also has the most defined structure to date, remaining largely unchanged and unlike any other in Korea. The Jinhae town plan was completed immediately after the signing of the Japan-Korea Treaty. Although the city of Jinhae was built by the Japanese, its overall organizational principle is clearly a radial-grid form that was established in the West. The Jinhae radial-grid planning was elaborately constructed with multiple layers of overlapping structures. It is the result of the application of geometry that creates symmetry and hierarchy in European countries, and the simultaneous consideration of road hierarchy and land form in the process of combining radial and grid forms. To reveal these points, four analyses are performed. First, the formation process of Western radial and grid streets is reviewed and compared to derive review points for Jinhae City. Second, the layout and geometric characteristics of radial streets are discussed. Third, the hierarchical characteristics and connections of grid streets are analyzed. The last part is a comparative analysis of the plan and the final realization.

진해 시가지의 방사-격자 도시 형태에 관한 연구

경남대학교 건축학부 교수