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ISSN : 1598-1142(Print)
ISSN : 2383-9066(Online)
Journal of architectural history Vol.32 No.5 pp.51-58

A Study on the Architectural Characteristics of Ul-san Geun-jae-gong Historic House of Hak-seong Lee Family -Focused on the Typological Analysis of the Upper Structure and the Composition of the Eaves space

Bae Chang-Hyun*
University of Ulsan, School of Architecture
* Corresponding Author: University of Ulsan, School of Architecture,


This study was conducted to examine the architectural characteristics of Hak-seong Lee Family's Geun-jae-gong Historic House located in Seok-cheon-ri, Ung-chon-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan. The house is said to have been rebuilt in the early 20th century after it was built in the 18th century, and now there are nine buildings left, including the An-chae, Sa-rang-chae, Sa-dang, storehouses and etc. This house is a large-scale house that is difficult to find similar cases in near region. The division of areas on each building is clear, and it is evaluated that it retains the typical characteristics of the head family in the late Joseon Dynasty in terms of its overall size and layout. In addition, the current wooden structure, which is said to have been rebuilt in the early 20th century, shows the composition method and space utilization method of the 3-Dori type upper structure, which have become more diverse since the late Joseon Dynasty. This has not been dealt with in the previous survey, and should be considered in detail through this paper.

학성이씨 파종가 울산 근재공고택의 건축적 특징에 관한 연구 -상부가구의 유형 분석과 처마 공간 구성을 중심으로-

울산대학교 건축학부 조교수