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ISSN : 1598-1142(Print)
ISSN : 2383-9066(Online)
Journal of architectural history Vol.28 No.6 pp.7-18

A study on the Structure and Design Concept of Asymmetrical Building with 4 Purlins in the Joseon Dynasty

Kim Bue-Dyel,Lee Jong-Seo*
서울시립대학교 박물관 학예연구사
울산대학교 역사·문화학과
* Corresponding Author :


This study is to find out the design concept of asymmetrical building with 4 purlins mainly in Sungkyunkwan(Confucian Shrines), Changgyeonggung palace and Changdeokgung palace The results are as follows: First, asymmetrical building with 4 purlins has the same height pillars, which was useful to control the side lenght and put a higher pillar without limit. Second, the side length of the asymmetrical building with 4 purlins is between 12 to 14 Ja[尺]. It's relatively longer than the minimum length(12 Ja) of 5 purlins architecture seen in later Joseon dynasty. Third, asymmetrical building with 4 purlins was not an anomalous structure when compared to 3 purlins and 5 purlins. It was actually a traditional style, unlike the current architectural recognition nowadays, which mainly focused on the balanced roof structure. These examples show that the architectures in Early Joseon dynasty were planned and constructed first according to the plane division that fit in a specific use or space.

조선시대 측4량가 건축의 구조와 특징

서울시립대학교 박물관 학예연구사
울산대학교 역사·문화학과