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ISSN : 1598-1142(Print)
ISSN : 2383-9066(Online)
Journal of architectural history Vol.28 No.1 pp.17-24

A Study on the Plan Composition and Plan Types of the Yanan Village of Toudao Town in Helong City, Jilin Province, China

Jin Chang-Jie,Kim Wang-jik
명지대학교 건축학과
* Corresponding Author


Korean-Chinese is one of the 56 minority groups in the People’s Republic of China. Korean-Chinese is the same origin as the Korean Peninsula. In the mid of 19th century, they, who lived in a part of Joseon, suffered with nature disasters and poverty, therefore they offended against the law, immigrated, and started farming in Ching Dynasty, which is northeast China in the present. Later, Korean’s individual and mass migrations were happened around coastland of Tumen River and Yalu River with the connivance of the law. This thesis is a consideration of how the Korean-Chinese has adapted before and after the liberation from Japanese colonial era to the Chinese socialism and What their Residential Plan Composition and Plan Types in the village. Based on the field research and literature research, introduces the village history, Plan Composition and sample Plan types. Then, Based on this research, it will be the foundation of the future study of the Korean-Chinese’s villages and planning study to conserve the villages.

중국 길림성 화룡시 두도진 연안촌 주거의 평면구성과 평면형식

명지대학교 건축학과