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ISSN : 1598-1142(Print)
ISSN : 2383-9066(Online)
Journal of architectural history Vol.27 No.6 pp.7-18

A Study on the Type and Correlation of Double Stylobate Arrangement in Three-story Stone Pagoda in Youngnam Area

Lee June-Kyu,Ryoo Seong-Lyong
고려대학교 건축학과, 고려대학교 건축학과
* Corresponding Author:


The purpose of this paper is to analyze the double stylobate of the three-story stone pagoda in Yeongnam region and to divide the types of arrangements of the body-stone and roof-stone and find their correlation. Research objects are 47 three-story stone pagodas in Yeongnam region which have accurate documents and plans. After dividing a double stylobate of three-story stone pagodas into a lower and upper stylobate, we classified each stylobate into a type of body-stone and roof-stone from an architectural point of view. Types of arrangement of body-stones are divided into methods of using the ‘ㅡ’ shaped stone and methods of using ‘ㄱ’ shaped stone in the corner. And types of arrangement of roof-stones are divided into methods of arranging stones in a row or in a grid pattern. As the size of the pagoda increases, ‘ㄱ’ shaped stones used for the body-stone and stones for the roof-stone are arranged in a grid pattern. As the size of the pagoda becomes smaller, the body-stone is consist of ‘ㅡ’ shaped stone, and the roof-stone is arranged in a row. As the construction year of the pagoda becomes later, the size of the pagoda becomes smaller and types of body-stone and roof-stone had been stereotyped. As a result, the size of the stone pagoda became smaller as constructed later, and the type of body-stone and roof-stone of the double stylobate appear differently according to the size of the pagoda.

영남지역 삼층석탑의 이중기단 배열 유형 및 상관성 연구

고려대학교 건축학과, 고려대학교 건축학과