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ISSN : 1598-1142(Print)
ISSN : 2383-9066(Online)
Journal of architectural history Vol.27 No.2 pp.101-112

A Study on the Position and Preservation Situation of Gaeksa·Dongheon in Choongcheong Suyeong at the end Joseon Dynasty

Kim Myung-Rae
* Corresponding Author :


The study on the government office building in Chungcheong Suyeong(忠淸水營) is very rare. How were the Gaeksa(客舍) and Dongheon(東軒) which are representative government office buildings in Suyeong, maintained and what was the aspect of it, while passing through the upheaval period of the end of Joseon(朝鮮)? And where was the original place and was there any change in use? It is so regrettable that these subjects were not figured out yet. So I thought it is very important task to figure out its actual aspect by investigating the maintain state of the Gaeksa and Dongheon and the change of their places. So this study examined the related historical records and, based on it, analyzed 「Ocheon GoonJi(鰲川郡誌)」in various view points. Through this analysis, this study could figured out the maintain aspect of the gaeksa and dongheon and the change of their places, and be able to deduce the other change of the government office building. This study could assume the places of each government office buildings by comparing this investigated result and the analyzed result of the original cadastral map in various view points. As the result of the study done by this method, this study confirmed the maintain state of the Gaeksa and Dongheon in Chungcheong Suyeong while passing through the upheaval period of the end of Joseon. And this study figured out the places of the Gaeksa and Dongheon, and be able to confirm their places by the lot number on the original cadastral map. Along with this, this study could estimate Jo(趙) family's confliction with the residents at that time by verifying the lot numbers of the Sapaeji(賜牌地) which this family received from the government. And among the names of the government office buildings, for the Jangkyocheong(將校廳) which is in dispute because of the name, this study figured out that the author of 「Ocheon GoonJi」made a mistake in writing Dongheon.

한말 충청수영 객사·동헌의 위치와 존치상태 연구

신우전열연구소, 공학박사