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ISSN : 1598-1142(Print)
ISSN : 2383-9066(Online)
Journal of architectural history Vol.26 No.6 pp.67-76

A Study of the Red Blind and Gabjang on the Playacting Stage at the Royal Palace under King Sunjo -Focusing on Repairs and Installation-

Seok, Jin-Young,Han, Dong-Soo
* Corresponding Author : Seok, Jin-Young


Royal banquets under the reign of King Sunjo saw developments in the playacting stage, which exhibited characteristics unique to the transitionary period between Jeongjo and Gojong this period established the framework of the Joseon Dynasty’s playacting stage construction. Starting with the Jagyeongjeon-Hall banquet and continuing into the Year of the Golden Rat banquet, the next-day banquet by the Crown Prince demonstrates a renewed format, with the stage also changing accordingly. This change was substantiated by more assertive use of the Red Blind and gabjang. Previously, the Red Blind has been installed in the palace hall and around the royal courtyard, to form three sides, but as next-day banquets became more frequent under Sunjo, the Red Blind developed and came to be installed in accordance with the hierarchy within the royal family. In the Year of the Golden Rat banquet, the Red Blind was lifted and the throne of the crown prince was situated in the palace hall. In the banquet of the following year, however, the Red Blind was let down and the crown prince’s throne was placed outside, in palace court yard. This seems to have been a gesture to reorient the crown prince’s political standing and restore Sunjo’s sovereignty the following year. Hence, the installation of the Red Blind developed in accordance with the royal hierarchy and ranks under Sunjo’s reign. The gabjang provided the second layer of protection for the playacting stage. The hongjeongju gabjang surrounded the stage in multiple layers and served as a partition. The gabjang from the Year of the Golden Bull banquet, in particular, boasted a unique installation, where it dangled from both sides of the royal palace’s facade. Hongjeongju gabjang, lapis lazuli gabjang, red gabjang, and yellow curtains were installed in the stated order to reflect Sunjo’s 40th birthday as well as the 30-year anniversary of his coronation. The Red Blind and gabjang from Sunjo’s years were positioned in creative ways to reinstate the royal authority, and demonstrated many improvements from those of Jeongjo’s reign.

순조 궁중연희 내연 무대의 朱簾, 甲帳에 관한 연구 -修理·排設 부분을 중심으로-

한양대학교 건축학과 박사과정, 한양대학교 건축학과 교수