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ISSN : 1598-1142(Print)
ISSN : 2383-9066(Online)
Journal of architectural history Vol.26 No.6 pp.41-54

A Study on the Interpretation of Structuralism & Post-Structuralism in Louis I. Kahn’s Architecture with the View of Aesthetics -focused on the review of Arnulf Lüchinger’s and Michael Benedikt’s interpretation of Structuralism & Post-Structuralism-

Kweon, Tae-Ill
* Corresponding Author : Kweon, Tae-Ill


One of the reasons why Louis I. Kahn is regarded as a pioneer of Post-Modern Architecture is that his works are interpreted as Structuralism and Post-structuralism in architecture. A. Lüchinger’s interpretation of Structuralism and M. Benedikt’s interpretation of Post-structuralism; especially Deconstruction Theory, in Kahn’s architecture must be proper cases for understanding this context. However, when we precisely analyze their insistence, several fallacies can be found with their incomplete grasp of Kahn’s architectural thinking. The most problematic thing is that they maximize fallibility with focusing only on the analysis of superficial phenomenon, such as formal composition, disposition of space, decorative features, and so on. Therefore, the meaning of architectural essence toward Post-Modern Architecture which Kahn had pursued during his lifetime is sometimes misinterpreted. For this reason, this paper attempt to reanalyze Kahn’s philosophy of architecture deeply with the view of aesthetics which has a key role in both overcoming their fallacies and illuminating the potentiality of Kahn’s architecture.

미학(美學)적 분석으로 본 루이스 칸 건축의 구조주의적 해석 -뤼힝거와 베네딕트의 구조주의적 해석 비판을 중심으로-

동의대학교 건설공학부 건축공학전공 부교수